Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/24/2007


wayne browncoating 209 ceilingwhite washing

The finished scratch coat has been applied to M-209 (Upper South Passage) and the walls of M-207 (old library) continue to be white washed (a total of six or seven coats of whitewash will ultimately be put onto each whitewashed surface). The ceiling in M-209 has also received its scratch coat.


Mill Work

Blaise assembling dollys manteldolleys mantel being assembled

Blaise Gaston, along with Nick Oster, continue to mill elements for the north and south cellar stairs and the reconstructed chimneypiece for M-100 (North Wing Chamber), M-105 (Dining Room), M-108 (Drawing Room) and M-118 (South Wing Chamber).


M-100 (North Wing Chamber)

Austin installing chair rail austin coping 100 chair rail

Austin Antrim has almost finished installing the chair rail in this room.


M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room)

104 mantel

Bill Bichell is preparing to re-install the chimney piece for this room and has started to install the chair rail.


M-105 (Dining Room)

105 mantel repairs

Bill Bichell continues to repair the mantel shelf.


M-106 (North Passage)

Keith installing baseboard 106

Keith Forry is installing the baseboard.


M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Dino Copeland has started to prepare this room for painting by scraping and priming the wood work.


M-201 (Large Bedroom)

Dino Sanding Door 201 after paint prep

Dino Copeland has finished priming the woodwork in this room.



cutting sill for dollys

Mac Ward has finished trimming the eastern window in Nelly’s kitchen and has started to trim the east window in Dolley’s kitchen.


les whitewashing

Les Lamois, Thomas Taylor and Chris Edwards are whitewashing the boards that will be nailed to the enclosures surrounding the HVAC duct chases and diffusers.



putting up render colonnade colonnade with rendered caps

Wayne Mays and his crew continue to apply the thin base render to the colonnade columns.



cutting copper gutters

Martin Roofing continues to install half-round copper gutters on the Mansion.


3 Responses to Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/24/2007

  1. Sally Hecker says:

    Is the target date for completion of the restoration still 2009? Will it be done by fall ’09? We were priviledged to tour the estate April ’07, and I fell in love with the grounds, the view, the serenity! Our God knows beauty, and he put a lot of it into Virginia. My husband and I have been to Monticello, and as grand as the view is there, and the grounds are lovely, I found it much too commercialized, even more so than Mt Vernon. Somehow, Mt Vernon has kept it’s respect, perhaps because the gift shops are further away from the house itself, I’m not sure, but I pray the respect of the land and the home are kept in tact. It is majestic there, breathtaking, thank you for all the hard work and care of this project.

  2. Sally,

    The celebration to mark the completion of the restoration is currently scheduled for September of 2008. The grounds at Montpelier are beautiful and we are very lucky to own most of the land in our view shed (except for the Blue Ridge Mountains which are in the Shenandoah National Park). The Montpelier Foundation has also recently placed several hundred acres of the estate under conservation easements to ensure that they will be protected in the future.

    From talking with friends who work at Monticello, I can also assure you that they are working very hard to clear the mountain top of all modern buildings. Currently they are building a new visitor center that will include a new gift shop and afterwards they will demolish the existing shop. So hopefully in a couple years the landscape around Monticello will also be restored to its Jefferson-era appearance.

    Thanks for the comment and definitely join us in September for our grand opening!

    Take care,


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