Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/31/2007




Sadly, this is carpenter Austin Antrim’s last week of work at Montpelier. He is one of contract carpenters working for Mustard Seed Master Builders and is returning to Boston where he will continue to work on historic buildings. During his time at Montpelier Austin has restored the exterior cornice, reconstructed the massive king post trusses, patched rafters and installed baseboards and chair rails on the first and second floor. He was a valuable member of the Montpelier restoration team and we will miss having him on site.



Plastering 207 ceiling

The ceiling of M-209 (Upper North Passage) has been finish coated and the walls in this room have received their brown coat. A brown coat has also been applied to the ceiling in M-206 (Drawing Room Chamber).


Mill Work

100 chimney piece 100 chimney piece detail

The new chimneypiece for M-100 (North Wing Chamber) and the reconstructed paneling for M-112 (Old Dining Room) have been delivered. The design of the reconstructed chimney piece is very similar to the design of the existing chimney piece in M-201 (large bedroom). The M-201 example was chosen for a template because it dated from the same construction period (circa 1810), and, after consulting the carpenter’s bill for the circa 1810 renovations, they were found to have cost almost the same amount to build.

The design for the reconstructed paneling, which was originally installed in circa 1765 (and then removed in circa 1860) was developed from surviving circa 1765 paneling found in M-109 (South Passage).

Blaise Gaston and Nick Oster have also finished milling the cellar stairs elements and Blaise is currently working on the decking for colonnade.


M-102 (East Closet, North Wing)

running plinth installed

Austin Antrim has installed the running plinth that runs across the bottom of the window’s panel apron.


M-103 (West Closet, North Wing)

shelves 103

Keith Forry is installing the room’s shelving. Pockets in the masonry provided the size and location for the shelves.


M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room)

Ed Gomez has started to install the chair rail for this room.


M-105 (Dining Room)

105 fireplace before 105 fireplace during 105 fireplace after

Wayne Mays and George Dempsey have reconstructed the circa 1809 fireplace opening in preparation for installing the restored stone surround and chimney piece shelf. The opening had been infilled with additional brick work in circa 1880 when a large Victorian mantel replaced the circa 1809 chimney piece.


M-200 (Small Bedroom)

Dino Copeland has finished preparing this room for painting.



d kitchen window d kitchen door

Mac Ward has finished trimming the eastern window in Dolley’s kitchen and has started to trim the northern exterior doorway.

cellar partitions

Les Lamois and Thomas Taylor continue to install the boards around the enclosures that surround the HVAC duct chases and diffusers.



Making collector box portico gutter

Martin Roofing continues to install half-round copper gutters on the Mansion. Currently they have made their way around to the north side of the Portico.


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    could not agree more, this is why you are ahead George all the way from Ireland

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