Montpelier Restoration Update – 11/7/2007


Wayne preparing for plastering

The walls above the chair rail in M-209 (Upper South Passage) and M-206 (Drawing Room Chamber) have received their finish coat and are being whitewashed. We will be leaving portions of the walls and lath in M-206 exposed to serve as an architectural exhibit room that will showcase the restoration process. The masons have also started to prepare M-100 (North Wing Chamber), M-101 (North Wing, East Closet), M-102 (North Wing Passage) and M-103 (North Wing, West Closet) plastering and they should start plastering on the first floor next week.



cellar stair framing boards

Blaise Gaston and Nick Oster have finished milling the framing members and plank partition boards for the cellar stairs and they have been delivered.


M-100 (North Wing Chamber)

Ed Installing baseboardin 100

Ed Gomez is finishing installing the baseboard and chair rail in this room.


M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room)

Keith Forry has installed corner beads and chair rails on the north elevation. He has also started to install the nailers that will be used to install the chimneypiece. The chimneypiece for this room was reused by the duPont’s in their 1901 additions and it is being returned to its Madison-era location.


M-112 (South Wing Passage)

Gene Assembling doorframes 112 assembled doorframes in 112

Gene Lyman, a recently hired addition to the Montpelier Carpentry Crew, is assembling and installing the doorframes for the eastern closet and the doorway between M-112 and M-111 (Rear Chamber).


M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber)

assembling plank jamb installing plank jamb

Bill Bichell is assembling and installing the splayed plank jambs for the windows.


M-205 (Upper North Passage)

Dino preping window 205

Dino Copeland has started to prepare this room for painting.



Mac and Dolleys doorway

Mac Ward is repairing the doorframe for the doorway between M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen) and M-002 (North Wing Passage).

les and thomas boracaring

Les Lamois and Thomas Taylor are treating the boards for the cellar HVAC enclosures with a low-toxicity, borate-based wood preservative named Boracare.



installing se gutter

Martin Roofing continues to install half-round copper gutters on the Mansion. Currently they are working on the northeast corner.


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