Montpelier Restoration Update – 11/21/2007 and 11/28/2007


mark installing window sash II

Mark Gooch continues to install window sashes and re-hang the sash weights.

Susan sampling in 207

Paint Conservator Susan Buck was back on site on November 15. She was investigating the possible locations of curtain pins and roller blinds on the surviving Madison-era window surrounds. The evidence she finds will help the curators to eventually accurately restore the Madison-era curtains and drapery. She also opened up one more chair rail reveal on the side of the M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room) in hopes of discovering more information the how the chair rail intersected the side of the mantel.


tim whitecoating 209 brown coating ceiling 100

M-206 (Drawing Room Chamber) has been completely whitewashed and the masons have finished installing the white coat in M-209 (Upper South Passage). M-209 was the last room on the second floor to be plastered. The masons have also started to install the brown coat on the ceiling of M-100 and they are scratch coating the walls of the North Wing Closets (M-101 and M-103). M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room) is also being prepared for plastering.



chimney piece for 118

The chimneypiece for M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber) has been finished.


M-105 (Dining Room)

installing stone surround for 105 105 chimneypiece

Wayne Mays has installed the reconstructed sandstone surround for the fireplace and Ed Gomez is fitting the architrave and recovered chimney shelf/cap onto the chimney breast. The sandstone surround is similar to the period II surround that survives in M-201 (Large Bedroom) and it was installed using the original metal hooks or cramps. These cramps had been bent backwards when the Madison mantel was removed and a Victorian mantelpiece was installed in its place. To restore the cramps, they were sent down to the blacksmiths in Williamsburg who heated them and hammered them back to their original shape.


M-106 (North Passage)

Mac Ward has instlled the door frame for the door to the cellar stair and he is currently building a shelf that will be installed in the closet above the doorway.


M-112 (Old Dining Room)

gene installing paneling in 112

Gene Lyman continues to install the reconstructed wainscot. As the wainscot is replaced, the room’s mid-18th-century appearance is becoming more prominent.


M-117 (South Wing Passage)

Kieith working on 115 doorway

Keith Forry is installing the door frames for the doors leading to the south wing closets (M-115 and M-117).


M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber)

Bill installing 118 doorway bill fixing 118 door surround

Bill Bichell is installing the door frame between M-118 and M-116 (South Wing Passage). A piece of the Madison-era trim that the duPont’s reused was found to have originally been install in this door opening. It is currently being restored and will soon be re-installed.


M-210 (Upper South Passage Closet)

Dino Copeland is preparing this room for painting.



The roof of the colonnade is being prepared for decking. After the decking is laid, the Chinese railing will be installed


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