Montpelier Restoration Update – 12/5/2007



tim 101 tim spraying 101

The masons are applying the brown coat to the walls and ceiling of M-100 (North Wing Chamber) and M-103 (Western North Wing Closet). They are also preparing M-104 (Madison’s Room) for plastering.


M-105 (Dining Room)

Ed installing baseboard

Ed Gomez has installed the remaining baseboard and chair rail. He has also started to install the chimney breast’s corner beads.


M-106 (North Passage)

Mac installing chair rail 106

Mac Ward has finished installing the baseboard and chair rail for this space.


M-112 (Old Dining Room)

112 pilaster prepped for instalation

Gene Lyman is re-installing the fluted pilasters that flank the fireplace. These pilasters were originally installed in circa 1765 and they have remained in M-112 throughout Montpelier’s multiple renovations. They were removed during the restoration because the nailers that secured the fireplace’s surround had come loose.


M-117 (South Wing Passage)

Keith installing doorway south wing 2

Keith Forry continues to install the door frames leading from this space into the south wing closets. Parts of the door trim for the interior of M-116 (East closet, South Wing) were re-used in a Montpelier farm building known as the “Laundry House.” These are some of the only pieces of Madison trim that we have found re-used outside of the Mansion.


M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber)

Bill installing door trim 118 118 to 116 door trim


Bill Bichell has installed the legs for the doorway to M-116 (South Wing Passage). He is also installing the trim for the eastern window. The side pieces of trim for this window were found to have been re-used by the duPonts in their 1901 additions.


M-209 (Upper South Passage)

preparing 209 for painting

Dino Copeland is preparing this room for painting.


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