Montpelier Restoration Update – 1/16/2008 through 1/23/2008


wayne browncoating 104

The masons have put the scratch coat onto the walls and ceiling of M-105 (Dining Room). A brown coat has also been applied to the walls and ceiling of M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room). Currently, they are putting a brown coat onto the ceiling of M-105. Plastering in M-100 (North Wing Chamber) has been completed and, since the walls will be coated with a dark yellow distemper, they have not been whitewashed.



Dino priming 100 Jack painting 205 Ropey paint 205

Dino Copeland has finished prepping Dolley Kitchen for painting and has started to prep M-100. Jack Fisher has also started to apply the hand-ground, linseed-oil based paints to the second floor trim. This traditional paint is very similar to what Madison would have used (minus the white lead pigment) and forms a “ropey” texture that is a defining characteristic of hand-ground paints.



Blaise Gaston has started to layout and carve the flutes and composition ornament impressions for the chair rail in M-108 (Drawing Room). When this chair rail is finished and installed, it will be the highest status chair rail in the house.


M-109 (South Passage)

gene repairing paneling

Gene Lyman continues to repair pieces of the South passage’s circa 1765 wainscot

M-106 (North Passage)

mac finishing main section of rail landing rail 1 landing rail 2 106 stair upper railing 106

Mac Ward continues to install the stair railing. To securely fit a small section of the hand rail between two newels on the landing, he has cut mortises into both newels and installed a square, scarf-jointed wooden inner rail into the openings. After the rail was set, he then hollowed out a section of the finished railing and slipped it over the inner rail. This technique allows for a stable railing that does not have any visible joints or fasteners.


M-108 (Drawing Room)

ed-cutting-baseboard-blog-123200826.jpg ed installing cap 108

Ed Gomez continues to install and repair the baseboard for this room. In the course of removing an existing piece of baseboard he found a section of original baseboard that had been re-used as a shim in circa 1880. This piece of baseboard originally butted against the plinth of the stone chimney surround and provides evidence for how the baseboard and base cap terminated against the chimney piece during Madison’s ownership.


M-118 (South Wing Chamber)

Keith cuttin basecap keith installing basecap 118

Keith Forry is installing reconstructed caps on the baseboards in this room. All of the caps had been removed when Marion duPont converted the space into her “Red Room” in the 1930s. The Red Room was an art deco designed living room/parlor and was one of the most iconic spaces in the duPont’s Montpelier. Because of its importance it has been re-installed in duPont wing of the new Montpelier visitor center.

Bill installing nailer for cornerbeads

Bill Bichell is also installing the cornerbeads on the face of the chimney stack. Prior to installing the beads, wooden nailers first need to be inserted into the bead joints of the masonry.



M-002 (North Cellar Passage)

002 winder framing olivier installing treads

Olivier Dupont-Huin has installed the stringers for this stair and has started to install the treads.



laying out colonnade deck railing

The ipe sleepers have been installed and the carpenters are assembling the deck panels and laying out the Chinese railing that will encircle the deck.



Mark Soldering downspout installing downspout

Roofers from Martin Roofing have finished installing the copper downspouts for the gutter system.


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