Montpelier Restoration Update – 1/30/2008


wayne plastering 104

The masons have put the finished white coat onto the ceiling and the finished brown coat onto the walls of M-104 (Mr. Madison’s room) and M-105 (Dining Room).



dino preping 100 cellar window prepped

Dino Copeland has finished preparing M-100 (North Wing Chamber) for painting and has started to sand and prime the wood work in M-009 (Nelly’s Kitchen). Jack Fisher continues to put the first coat of hand ground paint onto the second floor woodwork.


M-109 (South Passage)

gene repairing paneling

Gene Lyman continues to repair pieces of the South passage’s circa 1765 wainscot. He has started work on the longer pieces and should begin to re-install them in the next week or two.


M-106 (North Passage)

106 baluster jog mac squaring holes

Mac Ward continues to install the stair railing and is currently working on the rail that runs around the second floor landing. He is using a jig to lay out the baluster locations, removing most of the wood with a router and then squaring the holes with a hand chisel.


M-108 (Drawing Room)

ed 108 pediment cleats

Ed Gomez has installed the cleats on the back of the overdoor pediment for the Drawing Room.


M-111 (Back Chamber)

bill instaling 111 114 door frame

Bill Bichell has started to install the door frame that leads into M-114 (Vaulted Closet). This small, low doorway was originally built in circa 1765 and provides the only interior access to Nelly Madison’s south wing.


M-115 (South Wing, East Closet)

Keith Forry is installing the baseboards for this room.


M-118 (South Wing Chamber)

bill repairing hearth 118 hearth being repaired

Bill Bichell is restoring the flooring and trim that surrounds the room’s hearth.


M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen)

Ed installing dresser

Ed Gomez is installing the dresser against the east wall. A deep, long pocket in the masonry and wooden nailers inserted into the brick joints provided physical evidence for the dresser and documentary evidence is found in the bill from carpenters Dinsmore and Neilson. The dresser will include two drawers and the table top is made from one large piece of tulip poplar while the frame is heart pine.


M-002 (North Cellar Passage)

O applying treads O cutting skirt cellar stair skirt

Olivier Dupont-Huin has installed the treads for the stair and has started to cut the skirt boards.


M-005 and M-006 (1765 Cellar)

les cutting studcreating pit saw marks

Les Lamois is cutting the studs for the partition that will run across the 1765 cellar. The new studs are made out of oak. Because the original studs, which appear to have been removed in circa 1855, were pit sawn and hewn, Les is re-creating the pit saw marks on the surface of the stud with a reciprocating saw.



colonnade deck spacers

The deck panels continue to be assembled.



removing back yard gravel

Thomas Tyler is removing the gravel that had been put down in the back yard of the Mansion to form a staging area for the mechanical and HVAC contractors. In order to protect the underground archaeological resources, landscape cloth was installed before the gravel was spread. Some of the gravel will remain for the next couple months to provide construction access to the rear of the building.


2 Responses to Montpelier Restoration Update – 1/30/2008

  1. Sandy Baker says:

    Great looking restoration. any chance of seeing updated photos?

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