Montpelier Restoration Update – 2/13/2008


plastering 118

The scratch coat has been applied to the walls and ceiling of M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber), M-117 (South Wing East Closet) and M-116 (South Wing Passage). The brown coat has also been applied to the ceiling in M-118.



dino preping 105 painting baseboard 207 round brush on 207 baseboard

Dino C. has started to prepare M-105 (Dining Room) for priming.


M-103 (North Wing, West Closet)

Keith 103 baseboard

Keith Forry is installing a baseboard against the stair enclosure boards.


M-107 (Entry)

Ed Gomez is installing the last section of base cap on the north and south walls.


M-108 (Drawing Room)

Drawing Room pediment

Ed Gomez has installed the cleats that will support the Drawing Room pediment. Above is a picture of the pediment held temporarily in place. It will not be permanently installed until after the Drawing Room is plastered.

steve repairing sidelight

Steve Chronister is also repairing the sliding-sash side-light windows. Similar to the single-hung, pocketing sidelights found flanking Montpelier’s main entrance door, these sashes also pocketed into the surrounding wall. However, instead of being single hung, the sashes are carried on bronze rollers and pocketed horizontally instead of vertically.


M-109 (South Passage)

gene sanding wainscot

Gene Lyman continues to repair the passage’s paneling.


M-110 (South Stair)

mac installing stair foot light period I stair light

Mac Ward is installing the foot lights for the stair. Since this stair is enclosed the modern lights are needed to allow visitors to safely climb and descend the stair case.


M-111 (Back Chamber)

bill and paneled jambs 111

Bill Bichell has finished installing the door frame to M-114 (Vaulted Closet) and has started to install the paneled jambs for the window.


M-002 (North Cellar Passage)

002 stair closet door

Olivier Dupont-Huin has installed the door frame that will access the closet under the passage’s stair.


M-006 (Storage)

006 threshold

Keith Forry has installed the new threshold for the doorway between this room and M-005 (Wine Cellar).


M-007 (Servants’ Hall)

006 partition studs mark cutting cellar sill

Les Lamois has started to install the studs in the partition that divides this space from M-006 (Storage). Mark Gooch is also cutting a sill for this partition.


M-008 (South Cellar Passage)

Olivier Dupont-Huin has started to install the passage stair and he is currently repairing the framing


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