Montpelier Restoration Update – 3/5/2008


wayne white coating plastering 106

The masons have applied a finish coat to the ceilings and a majority of the walls in M-118 (Nelly’s Chamber) as well as the ceiling in M-001 (Dolley’s kitchen) and M-002 (North Wing Cellar Passage). They are also troweling on the finished brown coat in M-106 (North Passage).



lock mortise dutchman

To repair the mortises cut into the historic doors by the duPonts for their locks, Keith Forry is installing dutchmen in the mortise pockets. New locks, designed after evidence found on the doors, are currently being built and will be installed as they are made.



finished primed 105 finished primed 104

Dino C. has finished priming the woodwork in M-105 (Dining Room). Work also continues on preparing M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room) for painting.


M-109 (South Passage)

east paneling 109

Gene Lyman continues to install the paneling in M-109 (North Passage). He has started to install the last of the paneling on the west elevation.


M-110 (South Stair)

mac installing newel nosing 209

Mac Ward continues to work on the railing and is fitting the nosing for the landing.


M-111 (Back Chamber)

111 corner board

Keith Forry has installed the corner board on the chimney stack. The trim for this room is now finished.


M-114 (Vaulted Closet)

ed working on 114 shelf 114 shelves

Shelves, based on scars found in the brickwork, are being installed in the closet by Ed Gomez. The new shelves are made out of heart pine.


M-003 (North Cellar)

installing boards 003 003 paneling

Thomas Tyler continues to install the beaded boards that form the partitions in the North Cellar.


M-008 (South Cellar Passage)

south stair partition 1 south stair partition 2

Olivier Dupont-Huin has installed most of the bead-boards for the south cellar stair enclosure. His next step will be to install the stair stringers.



john james grade grade stakes

Landscape architect John James has started to stake out the restored grade level. Each of the stakes is marked with the height of the new grade and they will be used as guides when the new earth fill is brought in. The height of the restored grade was determined through evidence found on the foundation of the Mansion as well as archeology.


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  1. Chris Davies is a bad contractor. Make sure you do not hire him. You is going to be defrauded, and he is going to threaten you with violence. The best option is that you find yourself a different renovator.

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