Montpelier Restoration Update – 3/19/2008


plastering 118

The mason’s have applied the scratch coat onto the ceiling and the walls of the Drawing Room. Much of this room’s Madison-era wall plaster survives and the new plaster will blend in with the existing plaster.

brown coated 001 white washing 001 001 whitewashed

The walls in M-001 (Dolley’s Kitchen) have been whitewashed. The walls in M-118 are also being whitewashed.



patching mortises doors

Dino C. has started to prepare the surviving Madison-era doors for painting. Keith Forry also continues to repair and patch the surviving Madison-era doors.



Blaise Gaston has started to mill the parts for the period II cellar stair and build the reconstructed doors.


M-109 (South Passage)

109 paneling in place gene fitting paneling gene scribing paneling

Gene Lyman has fitted the last, and longest, piece of paneling back in place. After he installs the paneling and puts the cap back in place, all of the trim for the south passage will be installed. To fit the paneling in place, the new bottom rail is being scribed to the floor with a jig saw and, as seen in the video above, the corners are being shaved with a traditional slick.

M-110 (South Stair)

mac and blaise talking about period I stair period I stair balusters

Mac Ward has started to install the railing and balusters on the second floor landing. While the location of the newel posts was clearly visible, the railing and the balusters had been removed and discarded by the duPonts during their 1901 renovations. The design for the new balusters was based on similar c. 1760 balusters found at Castle Hill, a house in neighboring Albemarle County.


M-111 (Back Chamber)

m111 fireback rebuilt

Mason Tim Proffit has rebuilt the back of the fireplace in this room. The fire back had not been rebuilt earlier because access was needed to the ductwork and electrical conduit built into the back of the stack.


M-003 (1797 Cellar)

I-beam in 003

A metal I-beam has been installed to support the floor in the 1797 cellar. This beam replaces two duPont-era wooden beams. While it is unfortunate to have to add a modern element to the cellar, the beam is needed to ensure the structural stability of the floor.


M-008 (South Cellar Passage)

Olivier cutting tread framing for 003 stair tread

Olivier Dupont-Huin continues to install the treads and risers for the south cellar stair.



raising front mansion grade raising front grade 2

Excavators under the direction of Landscape architect John James have started to restore the grade in front of the Mansion back to its Madison-era appearance.

preparing for paving cellar entrance

The masons have started prepare the area in front of the cellar doors for paving.


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