Montpelier Restoration Update – 5/21/2008


 Painting the Baseboard in M-111   Priming Window Sash in M-112

The painters are priming the trim in M-111 (Nelly’s Back Room) and prepairing the trim for painting in M-112 (Nelly’s Best Room).



  Using a router to cut new mortises in expanded stiles Repairing Door Tenons  Keith installing a dutchman in a post-Madison lock mortise

Olivier Dupont-Huin and Keith Forry continue to repair the suriviving Madison-era doors.


M-113 (Nelly’s Best Room Closet)

 Keith Repairing Shelves

Keith Forry is patching and repairing the shelving in the closet before the masons move in to repair the plaster. 


M-003 (1797 Cellar)

 George Whitewashing Bricks in 1797 Cellar  Whitewashed 1797 cellar

The masons have started to whitewash the walls in the 1797 cellar. 


M-007 (Servants Hall)

 New Door Frame for M007/M005  Detail of Cellar Doorway between M005/M007

Bill Bichell has installed the door frame in the new partition.  This door frame appears to have originally been installed in circa 1764 and removed in circa 1845.  While the original door frame has been lost, the design for the reconstructed frame was based on a surviving circa 1764 door frame also found in the cellar. 


M-002 (North Wing Cellar Passage) and M-008 (South Wing Cellar Passage)

 Cellar Winder Stair Lath Nailer  Winder Stair Nailer Installed

Olivier Dupont-Huin has constructed curved nailers to hold the wooden lath that is being installed under the stairs in the cellar passages.



 George Mixing White Wash  White Washed Columns  Whitewashed columns from front yard

The masons have whitewashed the four Portico columns.  To replicate the original finish that was found on archaeological fragments, they are using three coats of a relatively thick whitewash to coat the columns.  This coating will produce a smooth finish with visible brush marks. 


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