Montpelier Restoration Update – 6/11/2008


Cleaning Floors in M-208

The Rosebud Company continues to remove the non-Madison paints, stains and waxes from the floors. So far they have cleaned most of the second floor, although several rooms will need to be re-treated to remove the more intractable areas of finish. However, the floors they have finished look great and they have been able to return the floors to something very close to what Madison would have seen.

Keith Patching Floors Floor Patch M-212

After Rosebud has finished with a room, Keith Forry is installing patches in any large holes found in the floors. To help the new patches blend in with the original heart pine floors, Keith is cutting eccentrically shaped dutchmen from heart pine to fill the holes.


Scraping 112 scraping 112 window aprons

The painters are scraping and preparing M-212 for painting.


Olivier Dupont-Huin continues to repair the surviving Madison doors.

1797 Cellar (M003)

Olivier Dupont-Huin has started to reconstruct the ladder stairs that original connected the 1797 cellar with M-106 (North Passage).

M-008 (South Wing Passage)

Bill installing door framing for South Cellar Passage West Door

Bill Bichell has started to install the framing for the South Wing Passage’s western door. While these doors were not part of the original Madison house (the passage was left open to the elements), they are needed because we will be heating and cooling the cellars to prevent condensation from forming on the framing.


Bill Priming Lattice ends Finished Chinese Rail

Bill Bichell and Gene Lyman have finished installing the lattice for the Chinese rail. The next step will be to have the painters give the railing its final coat of paint.


The concrete pad that will support the landing in front of the Portico steps has been poured. Thomas Tyler has also spread more top soil and prepared the western yard for sodding.

Fitting Framing Together Mac Preparing Framing Asseming deck framing

Mac Ward has finished cutting the framing for the South Wing’s eastern porch. All of the pieces have been dry fitted together and he is currently applying a wood preservative (Zintox) and priming each piece before final installation.

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