Montpelier Restoration Update 6/18/2008


201 finished 209 finished Cleaning Floors in M100

Rosebud has finished cleaning the floors on the second floor and have started to clean the floors in the North Wing.


Scraping 212 Scraping Stone Surround Greg Painting Baseboard 100

The painters continue to prepare Room 212 for painting and are priming M-118 (South Wing Room). Jack Fisher has also started to give the trim in M-118 (South Wing Room) its final coat of hand-ground linseed oil paint.

M-105 (Dining Room)

Recording Tack Holes in Dining Room

Historical architect Mark Wenger and architectural historian Jenn Wilkoski have recorded the tack holes in the floors of the Dining Room.

M-111 (Nelly’s Back Room)

Sill Damage in M-111

Keith Forry is repairing a deteriorated section of the eastern window sill.

M-112 (Nelly’s Best Room)

112 sill damage Keith Repairing 112 sill

Keith Forry is patching small areas of deterioration in both window sills. Most of the deterioration appears to have been caused by water being trapped under an earlier epoxy patch.

1797 Cellar (M003)

1797 Stair Carriages painted Olivier Boracaring Sheathing for 1797 Cellar Stair

Olivier Dupont-Huin has painted the stringers for the 1797 cellar stair and has started to prepare the sheathing that will form the stair’s enclosure.


Gene installing coping

Gene Lyman has installed the coping that runs along the bottom of the railing.


Two trees have been removed to make way for the reconstructed Madison era fence. Evidence for the fence is shown in two Madison-period prints and has also been found archaeologically.

Thomas Tyler continues to finalize the grade. This week he has established the center path that will lead from the fence to the portico and added more top soil.

Gravel Mix for Paths Around the Mansion Different Grades of Gravel Mix Pouring Mountain Grout

At test panel for the final paving material has also been produced. For the panel graded-river gravels, similar to the gravels that the archaeologists are finding associated with Madison-era paths, are being used. To consolidate the panel, a liquid polyurethane called “Mountain Grout” (which is somewhat similar to Gorilla glue) is being poured over the gravel to permanently bond them together. This paving system will allow for a strong, water-permeable surface that is also easy to walk on.

Kevin Cleaning South Elevation Paritially rebuilt brickwork under Cellar Window

Kevin Neito continues to clean the bricks on the exterior of the mansion. He is also rebuilding a portion of the west wall under the north-cellar window of the North Wing. The bricks for the existing repair, which were installed at the beginning of the restoration, did not match the texture or color of the original closely enough and so they are being replaced with more suitable bricks.

We have also started to take down the masonry shed that was attached to the duPont kitchen. This is the first step towards demolishing the kitchen, which is the last standing element of the duPont’s additions to Montpelier.

Mac Ward started to install the framing for the South Wing’s eastern deck.


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