Montpelier Restoration Update 6/25/2008


Cleaning 105\'s floors Cleaning 105

Rosebud continues to clean the floors on the first floor. This week they have cleaned the floors in M-105 (Dining Room) and have started to clean the floors in the South Wing.


The painters have started to prime M-112 and are also painting the newly installed Chinese rail on the colonnade. Restoration painter Jack Fisher has also finished applying the final linseed-oil based paint to the trim in the South Wing (M-118, M-117, M-116 and M-117) as well as M-111 (Nelly’s Back Room).

M-105 (Dining Room)

Keith Repairing Nail Holes

A second generation of flooring had been laid over the floors in circa 1901 and in the course of installing the new floor many hundreds of nail holes had been punched into it the original Madison floors. To repair the damage, Keith Forry cut dowels into shape of the nail holes, hammered them into place and then used a nail punch to set them slightly below the level of the floors.

M-112 (Nelly’s Best Room)

Patching Sandstone Surround in M-112 Injecting Grout behind plaster in M-112

Mason Ray Cannetti has repaired the St. Bee’s sandstone stone fireplace surround where an earlier patch had failed. The new patch is made from St. Bee’s sandstone ground down into a powder and mixed with a semi-hydraulic lime putty. Cannetti has also injected a lime-based grout (made by the Jahn Masonry Repair company) behind the surviving c.1764 plaster found above the fireplace surround. The plaster was found to have become delaminated from the brickwork behind it and the grout will help to reattach the plaster to the bricks.

M-206 (Restoration Room)

Installing Threshold Gene Repairing Colonnade Door

Gene Lyman has started to repair the door that leads from M-206 to the colonnade deck. The door, which features 12 panes of glass, dates to circa 1812.

1797 Cellar (M-003)

Installing 1797 cellar stair stringers 1797 Cellar Stair assembled 1797 stair paneling

Olivier Dupont-Huin has installed the stringers and treads for the 1797 cellar stair. He also installed the horizontal beaded sheathing that encloses the stair. Fragments of these sheathing boards were found during the restoration (they had been re-used by the duPonts during their 1901 renovations) and the reconstructed paneling duplicates the original examples.

Colonnade Deck

Colonnade deck panels down

The decking panels for the Colonnade deck have been installed. Similar to the wing decks, the decking has been panelized to make removal and cleaning easier.


Thomas Tyler has finished installing the topsoil for the west yard’s lawn and the gravel base for the path that leads from the original Madison road up to the Portico steps. Evidence for the path and the lawn has been found archaeologically and they are also shown in a circa 1818 watercolor.

Ray removing failed mortar

Kevin Neito and Ray Cannetti are repointing any failed mortar joints and repairing bricks where necessary.

The masonry shed has been removed from the existing duPont kitchen and the kitchen will be demolished in early July.

Mac Assembling South Deck Frame

Mac Ward continues to install and fit the deck framing on the eastern side of the south wing.

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