Montpelier Restoration Update – 7/10/2008


The painters have finished priming M-112 (Nelly’s Best Room) and Jack Fisher has started to apply the final coat of linseed oil paint to the trim. The painters has also painted the exterior trim on the triple-sash windows and have started to prepare the trim in  M-108 (Drawing Room) painting.

M-109 (South Passage)

Keith Forry continues to repair the insect damaged floors in this room.

M-111 (Nelly’s Back Room)

Mac Ward installed a small cove molding under the nosing for the stair platform.

M-206 (Restoration Room)

Gene Lyman has finished repairs to the door to the Colonnade deck. The door is currently being painted and the glass panes are being replaced or reglazed as needed.

M-209 (Upper South Passage)

Mac Ward is installing the wrought-iron angle braces for the 1764 stair newels. These braces were a common feature on 18th century stairs and the design for the new braces was based on evidence found in the passage’s original circa 1764 floorboards.

M-002 and M-003 (North and South Cellar Passages)

Kevin Nieto is finishing installing the paving in these passages.  Bill Bichell has also installed the frames he made for the cellar doorways.


Kevin Neito continues to repair and repoint portions of the exterior masonry.

The boiler room and the work trailer (which was affectionately known as the 14-40 trailer) have been demolished and they have started to also demolish the main block of the kitchen addition.

Mac Ward is fitting the framing for the elevator lift platform that adjoins the South Wing’s east deck.

Bill Bichell has mocked up a pair of wing shutters to test a pair of newly designed strap hinges we received this week from Ball and Ball. Ball and Ball also sent a prototype shutter dog based on the example the archaeologist found in the ground near the portico.


Carpenter Olivier Dupont-Huin had his last week here this week. Olivier did an incredible job building all three cellar stairs and repairing the original Madison-era doors. Without Olivier it is very likely that we would not have been able to finish the restoration by the September 17th deadline. We will all miss having him at Montpelier and we wish him a speedy, and watertight, completion to the repairs he is making to his boat.

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