Montpelier Restoration Update – 7/16/2008


The painters are prepping and priming the cornice in M-108 (Drawing Room). Jack Fisher and Scotty Kilgore have also applied the finish coat the trim in M-106 (North Passage), M-112 (Nelly’s Best Room) and M-206 (Restoration Room).

Farrar Woltz ( was back on site this week to apply mahogany graining to the rails, newel and risers of the stair in M-106 (North Passage). The graining pattern and color was based on an original, Madison-era newel post sample recovered during the restoration. After Farrar applied two layers of glazing (a vinegar based glaze overlaid with an oil glaze) on top of a cranberry colored basecoat, the painters applied three coats of a durable spar varnish to protect the work.


Blaise Gaston has made most of the doors that needed to be reconstructed and almost all of the original doors have been repaired. Currently Keith Forry is treating the reconstructed heart-pine doors with the preservative Zintox and a primer to help keep them stable in the hot, humid summer environment. Gene Lyman has also started to fit the eastern exterior door in M-118 (South Wing Room).

M- 201 (Large Bedroom)

Bill Bichell is installing the reconstructed window sashes in the north window. The original sashes and window frame for this window were lost when the opening was infilled with brick in circa 1850. The new sashes are made from heart pine and exactly match the surviving circa 1812 Madison-era sashes.

M-206 (Restoration Room)

Gene Lyman has installed the door to the Colonnade deck.



The circa 1908 duPont kitchen addition has been demolished and the site is being cleared of rubble. The kitchen was constructed on the site of an 18th-century detached kitchen that was most likely built by James Madison when he first added onto his father’s house in circa 1797. The Madison kitchen was probably demolished in the late 1840s. Because of the sensitive nature of the site, we are carefully removing the foundation for the duPont kitchen and the work is being monitored by the Montpelier archaeologists.


Mac Ward is fitting the framing for the wheelchair elevator lift platform that adjoins the South Wing’s east deck. Kevin Neito has also poured the foundation for a small, sunken cavity that will hold the hydraulic fluid reservoir for the forthcoming wheelchair lift elevator.

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