Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/8/2008


The painters have returned to Montpelier to put the final coat of solid body acrylic stain on the front fence.


Over the past week the carpenters have focused on repairing doors and installing locks and hinges.  Mac Ward and Bill Bichell have hung doors in M-108 (Drawing Room), M-105 (Dining Room) and M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room).  Gene Lyman continues to install mortise locks.

In the above picture Mac is holding a reconstructed brass rim, or box, lock that has been turned upside down.   Not only do the newly reconstructed locks match the size of locks originally found on Madison’s doors, but their interior workings have also been reconstructed so that they are accurate for the period.

Keith Forry has finished repairing the original Madison doors from the first and second floors and has moved on to the cellar doors.  Most of these doors are made from tongue-and-grooved battens set vertically.  Similar to Keith’s work on the floors, he is using small pieces of new heart pine, called dutchmen, to patch any areas of missing or decayed wood.  The dutchmen will be sanded flush with the surrounding wood and the repair will be invisible once the door is repainted.


Les Lamois is making the lattice that will be installed under the portico and colonnade decks.  To make the individual lattice pieces Les cuts a thin, narrow strip from a larger block of heart pine.  He then uses a jig made by Bill Bichell to layout the lattice.  After being laid out, the lattice is assembled using hand-wrought nails driven through each of the lattice’s overlapping intersections.  Finally, the lattice is painted before being installed.


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