Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/15/2008


The painters have finished putting the final coat of solid body acrylic stain on the front fence and have moved onto the interior doors.


The carpenters continue to repair and install hardware on the original Madison doors.  Mac Ward and Bill Bichell have hung additional doors in M-108 (Drawing Room) and M-104 (Mr. Madison’s Room).  Gene Lyman is working on weather sealing the exterior doors as well as installing locks.

Keith Forry has started to repair the cellar doors.  Currently he is working on a board and ledger door that had been cut down when a cement slab was poured in the cellar in c. 1901.  To restore the door Keith has milled new extensions for each individual board.  Each extension is attached to the bottom of the original door with a finger joint and each piece is joined together with a tongue-and-groove joint similar to those found on the original boards.  Each extension is initially cut longer then needed and, after they are installed, a circular saw is used to square off the ends and cut the door to the correct length.   Finally, a belt sander is used to smooth the joint between the original door and the new extensions.


Blaise Gaston is milling and assembling the new window sashes for the cellar kitchen windows.


Below is a video that documents the construction of the front fence.  Particularly interesting is the jig that Bill Bichell built to speed up the installation of the pickets.

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