Montpelier Restoration Update – 10/29/2008


Mac Ward continues to install door sweeps and is currently working on the second floor, exterior doors.

Keith Forry has finished restoring the Madison-era door that will be hung between M-001 (North Kitchen) and M-002 (North Cellar Passage).  Keith is also repairing a circa 1764 door in the cellar between rooms M-004 (Secure Storage) and M-005 (Storage under the Passage).  A small portion of one of the lower corners was missing from the door and Keith has shaped piece of heart pine to serve as a dutchman.  The door does not appear to have ever been removed and so Keith is repairing it in place rather than taking it off the hinges.

Gene Lyman continues to install mortise locks on the doors.  He has also installed a brass-strike plate on the sheathing in the South Wing Stair enclosure.  The strike plate is needed because of the narrowness of the doorway which results in the lock’s bolt rubbing against the sheathing.  While these strike plates were not common in the early-19th century, examples have been found at other historic sites.



The wing-cellar window sashes have been delivered and Bill Bichell is currently fitting them to the window openings.  Below is a video of Blaise Gaston and Paul Pyzyana assembling one of the window sashes.  The sash frame and straight muntins are made out of heart pine while the curved muntins are made from white oak.  Madison’s carpenters, John Dinsmore and John Neilson, also used these two different woods in the original c. 1809 windows with curved muntins.


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