Montpelier Restoration Update – 11/5/2008


mac-measuring-weather-stripping-blog-115200815montpelier-depot-doc silicon-bead-blog-115200816montpelier-depot-doc putting-on-tube-blog-115200817montpelier-depot-doc seating-weather-stripping-with-roller-blog-115200819montpelier-depot-doc finished-weather-stripping-blog-115200818montpelier-depot-doc

Mac Ward is installing weather stripping around the door stops. We are using a non-invasive weather stripping that does not require us to damage or cut into the historic door frames. To install the weather stripping Mac cuts a piece of white rubber tubing to the length needed. After cleaning the tube and the door frame to ensure a secure bond, he then runs a bead of industrial-strength silicon caulking at the junction of the door frame and the door stop. Next Mac beds the tube into the silicon bead and finally he runs a disk roller over the tube to ensure that it has been firmly seated.

keith-installing-jamb-cellar-blog-115200805montpelier-depot-doc finished-cellar-jamb-blog-115-200806montpelier-depot-doc

Keith Forry has started to install the cellar door jambs. The above photo shows Keith installing one of the jambs in M-003 (Storage) in the 1797 section of the cellar. Keith has also started to hang the cellar doors, including the original Madison doors recovered during the restoration.

Gene Lyman continues to install mortise locks on the doors.


drawing-the-shape-blog-115200802montpelier-depot-doc scoring-the-glass-blog-115200803montpelier-depot-doc breaking-off-excess-blog-115200804montpelier-depot-doc finished-cellar-sash-blog-115200801montpelier-depot-doc

Mark Gooch has cut the eccentrically shaped glass panes for the cellar kitchen windows. To cut the panes he carefully outlines the shape of pane on a larger piece of glass laid over the sash. Next he scores the outline with a glass cutter. Finally, he breaks off the excess glass by gently tapping near the score lines.


Blaise Gaston and Paul Pyzyana have finished making all of the doors for the cellars as well as the gates for the West Yard fence.


One Response to Montpelier Restoration Update – 11/5/2008

  1. M. Cox says:

    The paint color used on doors and trim throughout the home, an oyster/cream shade of sorts. Will this shade be made available through a commerial source at some time (such as Benjamin Moore, Valspar or Sherwin Williams)? I absolutley love it, would love to purchase it.

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