Happy New Year!

Welcome to the second phase of Montpelier’s restoration and of this blog. The architectural restoration of the Madisons’ home is nearly complete, and now the challenge is to begin refurnishing some of the rooms to the way they would have looked when James and Dolley Madison and James’ mother, Nelly Conway Madison, were in residence in the early 19th century. At present, the Curatorial Department is focused on the rooms about which we have the most information: the Drawing Room (108), the Dining Room (105), Mother Madison’s best room (112), and Mr. Madison’s study (the room in which he spent the final years of his life) (104).

With the shift in focus comes a shift in authorship. Updates will be written by members of the Curatorial Department and consultants working on the refurnishing effort. We hope to tell you about all the aspects of our work, from general research into the cultural context of items to the provenance of specific objects, from reading estate inventories to deciphering plats and plans.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the blog, and might be inspired to come visit and see Montpelier for yourself. For more information, please visit our website.

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