Update May 14, 2009

Constitutional Exhibit

Now open in the south wing room of the house (M118), which is accessible from the back yard, is our exhibit “James Madison: Architect of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights”.









Those of you who visited Montpelier prior to April, 2009, may have seen the exhibit in our Education Center. The exhibit is self-guided, with commentary available on the audio tour. The exhibit describes James Madison’s role in the development, writing, and implementation of two of America’s most important documents – the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In addition to text, the exhibit uses images and excerpts from historical documents.










The room is arranged so that you can view the exhibit at your leisure and utilize the chairs.  We hope our visitors will discuss the exhibit, the Constitution, or James Madison with each other.  In the future we would like to have staff lead discussions with our visitors that would include topics relevant to how the Constitution affects us today.










The shutters continue to be hung. This week they are installing more shutters on the front of the house20090514-2cs





Gene Lyman stamps the top of a shutter.

Since the shutters and their fittings are handmade, each shutter only fits in one window of the house. Thus, both window and shutter are assigned an identifier code.  Stamping the shutters allows them to be removed to be repainted or fixed and then be returned to their correct location.


2 Responses to Update May 14, 2009

  1. doug weiford says:

    Great I will have to visit thur.
    Did see the shutter installation project, the workman worked so careful & did see the wonderful dig outside the kitchen.
    These events awsome and wonderful to see.

  2. Sarah Everett says:

    I am very happy to hear that the Constitutional Exhibit has been moved from the barn house to the mansion:) What a great idea:) I was at Montpelier last fall and saw that the Exhibit was not at the barn.
    I will be at Montpelier from July 11th – August 19th for volunteering at Montpelier, as well as being a part of the August 3rd – 7th Archaeolgical Expedition. I am very excited to be coming all the way from Alaska to be a part of the activity and restoration of Montpelier this summer! Everyone is doing a beautiful job:) President Madison would be proud:)
    God Bless!
    Most Sincerely, I am Yr. Obt. Srvt.
    Sarah Everett

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