Elevations and Floorplans

Restored Elevations

west elevation

West Elevation

east elevation

East Elevation


North Elevation 


South Elevation


Restored Floorplans


First Floor

Second Floor Plan

Second Floor


10 Responses to Elevations and Floorplans

  1. macwhatley says:

    How were the rooms given numbers? I understand the value for record-keeping, but it’s not clear the method used, since some numbers are missing. Was the numbering done before demolition of the Dupont wings perhaps? Or do corridors and closets also get numbers that aren’t shown on the restored floor plans?

  2. The room numbers were assigned east to west (or back to front) running north (left) to south (right). On the second floor the room numbers jump from M-201 to M-204 because we originally thought that the 204 space (a closet) was actually three separate closet spaces. Once we were able to thoroughly inspect the ceiling joists it became clear that their was actually only one closet and so room numbers 202 and 203 were deleted. The first floor actually retains its complete set of numbers, but I decided not to label the north and south wing closets and passages in order to better show the room layouts. However, it looks as though that is creating some confusion and, since we are planning an update to the site in the next week or so, I’ll put the wing closet room numbers back in.

    Take care and thanks for the comment,


  3. ted Miles says:


    thank you for internet documentation of a wonderful project. I have been following for a while and I find it facinating that you have uncovered so much historic fabric from the houses early years and appearence.

    With enough money it is alway possible to replicate missing original fabric; but you have found it and returned it to the place it came from!

    That fireplace that ended up in another building on the estate is amazing!

    I live in San Francisco, but will be certin to visit on a future trip back East. I have been to more than 30 Presidents homes.

    Ted Miles

  4. Ted,

    We believe it is always better to re-install the original fabric when possible and we have worked hard to repair and re-install almost all of the pieces of the Madison Montpelier that were found during the restoration. It’s a lot more time consuming then replicating the moldings out of new materials, but in the end it has resulted in a much more accurate, and satisfying, restoration.

    Thanks for the comment and definitely come out and see us when your on the east coat.

    Take care,


  5. John Sykes says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your updates and watching your amazing progress on the project.

    I’m curious about the two-story hipped roof stuccoed structure that appears in some recent photographs—a few feet away from the one-story wing of the Mansion. Is this a part of the Dupont additions? Or is it a dependency of some type? It doesn’t appear on the grounds plan of the site.

    Thanks for the great (and frequent) updates on your work.

  6. John,

    Glad you like the updates and just let me know if you like to see anything else on the site.

    Your also right that the two-story, hipped-roof, stucco-clad structure was once part of the duPont additions. It was actually a kitchen they added in circa 1910 when the professional cook they hired refused to cook in Dolley’s kitchen (or that’s at least the story, but there may be some truth in it since the duPont’s lived here from c. 1901 to c. 1910 with Dolley’s kitchen being the only place to prepare food). The building is currently used as our carpentry shop and we are planning on taking it down in a month or two as we finish restoring the landscape around the mansion.

    Take care and thanks for writing,


  7. My husband and I have just returned from a trip to C’ville and Montpelier was on the top of our list. It’s going to be a beautiful house and I hope we live long enough to see it brought back to life: painted walls, furniture returned to its first home, etc. Is there a foundation that one can make a small donation to in order to help further the work? Thanks.
    Bob and Margaret Price

  8. Rand Levy says:

    How about posting floor plans that have the rooms named instead of just numbered? It would make it so much easier to understand and appreciate the layout of the home.

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